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 Damp and mould in rented property

 Damp and Mould
in rented property




If you rent your home, major repairs are usually the responsibility of your landlord. This includes repairs to the structure and exterior of the property, heating and hot water installations, and sanitary installations. Your landlord is probably a business person renting out property as an investment for their future or retirement. They know it is in their own interests as well as yours to keep the property in good order so if you have a problem talk to the landlord, discuss the problem in a fair and reasoned manner and give them time to react to points raised.Dampness is generally a problem with the fabric of the building and will need to be adressed by your landlord, however condensation and mould problems are often a combination of lifestyle and ventillation problems, a tenant can go a long way towards keeping thes problems at bay - read our condensation section before you start complaining...the answer could be to do your lifestyle!!


Standards in your home

Rental properties should be free of health and safety hazards, landlords should ensure that problems in the home are dealt with before they lead to poor health or cause accidents.

Hazards can arise in the home because of its design, wear and tear, or a lack of maintenance. The most common hazards involve:

  • Mould growth, Dampness and other health threatening conditions 
  • Safety, internal and external handrails, steep stairs and poor lighting which may lead to slips trips or falls 
  • Poor insulation, Inadequate heating and general disrepair 
  • Problems causing inadequate personal and domestic hygiene 
  • Fire safety 

In general it is the landlords responsibility to check and ensure the property is maintained as a warm and safe environment for the people who live there. The landlord may also need to take into account the requirements of tenants with special needs.

Damp Mould and mildew, Help for landlords

Contact us with your problems and we will send you our informative guide to help you decide the best form of action. The guide includes everything from professional solutions, survey, quote and installation all done for you to simple steps you can take for less serious problems and DIY solutions for Damp, Condensation and mould within properties. click here

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So pleased I found this Company!

Very impressed with the range of professional services & product delivery  provided.  With a number of house issues promptly identified and rectified I feel like my home has been given a new lease of life! Can without reservation recommend Mike and the team as they give an excellent standard of work, value for money and do go that extra mile to get you sorted.

Dee Ford, Jesmond

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