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 Electric damp proofing systems

Electro Osmotic Damp Proof Courses.

One of the most environmentally friendly and cost effective but often overlooked systems is the Electro Osmotic System.

Electro-osmotic DPC system

Electro Osmotic damp proofing is nothing new, whilst it may appear to be the most high tech system available, surprisingly it can be traced back to the 18th century. The principal was discovered by a physicist called Reuss. Reuss discovered that applied voltage affected capillary action of moisture. Later in the 19th century it was further discovered that water was moved from a positive anode to a negative cathode when an electrical potential was applied. Moisture rises from the earth by capillary action. An electrical potential is therefore developed between the wall and the earth. Manipulation of this naturally generated electric current will depress the rise of moisture. By using natural principles and utilising the effects of electrical osmosis we are able to treat damp problems without the use of chemicals and in an environmentally friendly way.

The system operates well in all types of masonry (brick, stone composite walls and concrete) and despite being in permanent operation the energy consumption remains negligible. 

1.Control unit: A power unit that automatically adapts to the dampness in the wall. The constant electrical voltage promotes a steady and continuous repulsion of moisture.
2.Titanium Anodes: The use of commercially pure titanium coated with a platinum group element, this ensures outstanding reliability and good resistance to physical and chemical attack.
3.Earth Rods: These are installed to the ground.

And now for the science bit...
By scientifically reversing the natural process, dampness can be controlled. To achieve this holes are drilled into the walls (from the outside wherever possible) just above ground level. Titanium anodes are then inserted into those holes, The anodes are then linked by a special connecting wire that is 'pointed' into the wall. A very small but perfectly safe electrical current is passed through this system and into the wall. The effect of this current is to reverse the rising moisture down the walls and back into the ground.

Benefits of an Electro Osmotic damp proofing system...

  • Works in most types of building structure - regardless of age 
  • Installation quick and tidy. 
  • This damp proofing system is totally chemical free
  • It uses a similar amount of electricity as an electric door bell 
  • The commercially pure titanium element of the system gives long trouble-free life. 

We are also able to offer traditional injection systems and modern transfusion paste systems, details are be available from your surveyor who will be able to explain the best solution for your circumstances once he has fully assessed your damp problem.

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So pleased I found this Company!

Very impressed with the range of professional services & product delivery  provided.  With a number of house issues promptly identified and rectified I feel like my home has been given a new lease of life! Can without reservation recommend Mike and the team as they give an excellent standard of work, value for money and do go that extra mile to get you sorted.

Dee Ford, Jesmond

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