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Damp proofing Newcastle upon Tyne

Exterior Wall Coating
Stops penetrating dampness

Aquaban external waterproofing is a specially developed product for the treatment of brick walls, stone and masonry walls against water penetration (penetrating damp). When applied to your walls our exterior wall coating forms a water resistant barrier and fights penetrating damp at its very source - where it gets into the walls in the first place.

The effects of penetrating damp can be seen at any level of a wall and unlike rising damp it does not necessarily have a stronger presence at the base of a wall

The causes of penetrating damp are often easy to see if you go outside the property and look around the affected area, you can see what is causing the problem - leaky gutters, missing roof slates, leaking overflows etc. Sometimes the problem cannot be easily identified, this because it can be a result of the porosity of the building fabric or walls. In this case the wall simply absorbs the moisture from the rain, snow etc and remains damp until it slowly dries out when the weather improves. In these properties symptoms can be non existent in the summer or periods of dry weather yet they can be extremely problematic in the cold damp weather especially wintertime.

Damp walls can conduct cold outside temperatures through the to the inside much more easily than dry walls. This effectively creates a large cold area of plaster within your home which acts like a huge refrigerator, wicking away the expensive heat you have paid for and causing all sorts of other problems such as condensation, mould, Blackspot mould damp surfaces and may even lead to woodrot of connecting timbers in extreme cases. 


AQUABAN is a highly effective external water repellent based on a blend of Silane and polysiloxane resins.
AQUABAN is suitable for use over masonry, brickwork, concrete and renders.

 Masonry waterproofer by Dryspace Maintain Water beading on masonry after application 


High alkaline resistance
Excellent penetrating power
Vapour permeable
Dries to a tack-free finish
UV resistant
Water thinkable
Easy removal of overspray


is a water repellant coating which reduces water absorption whilst maintaining the appearance of the area treated, also since the product does not block or clog pores and capillaries of the masonry surface it is protecting, the vapour permeability of the substrate is maintained. Reducing water absorption prolongs the life of the substrate by reducing the damage caused by moisture in masonry just look at the benefits of applying Aquaban.......


Frost damage occurs when pores and capillaries are more than 90% full of water. The expansion of frozen water exerts pressure into the substrate causing splitting, spalling and general disintegration.


Constant evaporation and wetting with water causes salts to move nearer to the surface causing a white bloom or crystal growth at best or splitting and spalling at worst.


Damp surfaces will support the growth of algae, moss, lichen and
moulds. These organisms use acids to digest their food, which damages the underlying masonry with time.


Water encourages the corrosion of metal fittings and fixtures, and of particular importance, cavity wall ties.


Acid rain accelerates the weathering process by dissolving the binding matrix of the substrate.

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