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 Flood repair specialists

 Flood repair specialists

One of the most devastating things that can happen to your home or business is flood damage. When flooding happens it is important you appoint a Flood repair specialists who can quickly get you back in your home.
If many properties are flooded at the same time there can be problems in appointing contractors who can deal with flood damage and the quality of repairs can suffer as a consequence. When severe floods occurred In Carlisle in Cumbria, 2 years after the floods subsided there were still builders working on flood damaged properties. Many of the residents suffered because the dated construction practices employed meant that in some cases the unfortunate residents were stuck in caravans and B&B’s for over two years.


Flood recovery specialists

As specialists in the prevention, eradication of dampness and drying out buildings, we are obviously the first choice for flood recovery too! Our advanced construction systems and in depth knowledge of dampness within buildings enable us to get an immediate start on refurbishment without the traditional wait for a long drying out period. We can have all areas of your property back in action with minimum delays saving you valuable time and disruption as well as vastly reducing the overall time for the flood repairs. 

We work faster and smarter, by using advanced construction methods and specialist systems. We can effectively eliminate traditional delays associated with flood damage. Our computerised systems mean we can turn quotations around in record time and deliver them electronically avoiding further delays of the post, in many cases we can deal directly with your insurance company and avoid any out of pocket expenses to you completely.

Mould following flood damage

If you would like more details on how we can help you, please contact us and we will arrange for one of our qualified and experienced surveyors to visit you and explain how we can provide a bespoke solution to get work under way immediately and get you back in your home and your life back to normal in record time.

Case Study

River flood damage

Our senior surveyor was called to one property in central Carlisle where a firm of flood recovery 'specialists' (who also happen to be a firm of carpet cleaners!) were insisting they could not arrange replastering of a flood damaged house until it had sufficiently dried out. The home owner had been hearing this same old excuse for months and decided to get a professional opinion. Our senior surveyor was duly instructed and carried out calcium carbide tests at several key positions throughout the house. The resultant readings were normal, the house was in fact within the normal expected moisture levels for a house of this type and was able be replastered immediately. Our surveyor asked the home owner exactly how tests had been done by the other firm, the home owner pointed to the tell tale signs of where the test samples had been taken, our surveyor was amazed to discover the other company had been carrying out tests below the damp proof course (where most old properties are continually damp anyway), the home owners had consequently been out of their home for several months due to an inexperienced contractors error. Who knows how long that would have continued had our specialist surveyor not been called in.

Flood damage requires specialist attention to ensure the problems are repaired quickly and efficiently, a run of the mill builder will probably not have such expertise, get the experts in, Dryspace Maintain can project manage or carry out the full works on your behalf, quickly, efficiently and thoroughly. Contact us today.

If you think you have a problem and would like some expert advice why not talk to a fully vetted and accredited Which? magazine TRUSTED TRADER where you know you will receive an honest and fair appraisal of your problem and a highly competitive price if any work is needed! 
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Customer Feedback

So pleased I found this Company!

Very impressed with the range of professional services & product delivery  provided.  With a number of house issues promptly identified and rectified I feel like my home has been given a new lease of life! Can without reservation recommend Mike and the team as they give an excellent standard of work, value for money and do go that extra mile to get you sorted.

Dee Ford, Jesmond

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