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 Mould and Mildew

Mould and mildew can be found in almost all properties in varying degrees. It is important to create a balanced environment for energy efficiency and comfort but also make that environment healthy and not the perfect environment for unhealthy growths such as mould, mildew and dust mites. With modern construction techniques the result of air tightness requirements is often less natural airflow through the property (lack of ventilation). In properties that lack ventilation the symptoms can be anything from mild to severe condensation on the windows to a full blown attack of mould and Mildew growth throughout the building if left unattended. 

Warning Signs for mould and mildew

The warning signs that you are about to suffer from an attack of mould or mildew in your property usually start with damp or clammy surfaces on walls where moisture is formed as the humid internal air comes into contact with cooler wall surfaces, this is often in corners of rooms or behind furniture for condensation. The resultant moist surface becomes and ideal environment for the growth of spores which are carried in the air all around you.

 Aspergillus niger (black mould) spores

Condensation starts 

Signs of a mould or mildew attack

The first signs of an attack is usually a small area of black spots on walls or ceilings or pale coloured furry mould on clothes or fabrics. This is the start of a problem, however once established the spread can become rapid, each small area of the mould will produce millions of microscopic spores which it will release into the surrounding air, the attack is then accelerative, that is as more mould forms, more spores are released and therefore an even greater amount of mould establishes, generating even more spores and so on and so forth.

 Black spot mould on ceiling Black spot mould on walls 


How to deal with a mould or mildew attack

If you think you have a problem and would like some expert advice why not talk to a fully vetted and accredited Which? magazine TRUSTED TRADER where you know you will receive an honest and fair appraisal of your problem and a highly competitive price if any work is needed! 
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There is no easy answer to this question as there can be many causes of the problem, diagnose the cause incorrectly and the symptoms will remain or return again and again. The most accurate answer comes best from someone trained and experienced, on site using a combination of experience, knowledge and  tests. For example you may have condensation forming on the face of a wall suffering from rising damp, this is a different problem and needs different treatment to the ventilation caused condensation.

We have visited properties that have been mis-diagnosed for mould and mildew, on one occasion a home owner had called in a plasterer who had told them the plaster was contaminated and needed to be renewed which to a layman seemed very plausible. The plasterer quoted £1500.00 to replastered the whole wall. They arrived, hacked off the old plaster and renewed it, made a smashing job too - less than a year later however the problem was back - result - client no further forward having suffered major disruption and financial loss, plasterer long gone with no hope of getting him back to sort out the problem which had now returned.

The client contacted us and we recommended a solution which cost a total of £352.00 and solved the problem permanently.

The first course of recommended action would be as follows-

Invite an experienced surveyor to give you a diagnosis and a quote for correcting the defects causing the problem. To organise this free service and find out exactly what you are dealing with - Click here

Humidity is a primary cause of Black Spot Mould

Mould and mildew, health effects

Mould can be a health hazard.
The millions of spores It produces become airborne, and are breathed in by the occupants. The spores from the mould can then create or exasperate respiratory problems and distressing allergic reactions to those in frequent contact with them. Rooms affected can smell ‘musty’ and sometimes you can have other reactions, itchy sore eyes or aggravation of the nasal lining. 

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) advised back In 1995 that: 'Mould may affect the occupants' health by inducing anxiety. It is also possible that people prone to asthmatic or allergic conditions (which adds up to roughly 10% of the population) may be affected by long-term exposure to concentrations of airborne spores' you should also bear in mind that people with no pre-disposition to the mould spores can also develop problems for the first time.

Black spot Mould (Apergillus Niger)

Mould on the visible parts of your home is unsightly and unpleasant smelling , the mould is damaging and the expense of premature redecoration or replacement furnishings can be a high price to pay.

Mould can appear in various shades of green, yellow, pink, grey or white, but most commonly, it appears as black and forms a spotted covering of the wall and ceiling areas it establishes itself upon. It will form on any surface where it can find a good source of moisture and organic matter. It needs food and water as it is a living organism. Condensation provides the water and is readily available, the food source can be paint, plaster, timber, clothing, leather etc, these items and many others can provide sustenance for the mould.


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